Forget Pickles!

New study shows cravable pistachios helped women with gestational diabetes control their blood sugar.

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The Story of American-Grown Pistachios

Forty-nine nuts per serving, naturally ripened and bursting with flavor, mechanically harvested - they never touch the ground. For more interesting facts about America’s beautiful green nut watch the short video below.

Meet Our Health Nuts

Here are several people who have achieved their health, fitness and competitive goals with the help of American pistachios.

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Harvesting American Pistachios

Over a 20-year span, the Schmiederer family expanded their farm from 80 to 700 acres. They chose pistachios because the trees adapt--much like farmers do. "Pistachios seem to take on the challenges we face," which is why the industry has been able to grow into a worldwide market.

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Arugula, "pickled" Strawberries, Candied Pistachios And Crumbled Blue Cheese Salad