Board of Directors

APG Board Members: Back row, from left to right: Gary Smith, Dominic Pitigliano, George Schweers, Mia Cohen, Jimi Valov, Beth Sequeira, Adam Kusmak, Stephen Seplak, Alison Nagatani, Kristi Robinson. Front row, from left to right: Richard Sandrini, Jeremy Blackwell, Brian Watte, Rudy Hernandez, Sharon Roden, Anil K. Gupta, Adam Orandi, Steve Burcham.

2015 Board of Directors

Jimi Valov, Chairman
Sharon Roden, Vice Chairman
Rudy Hernandez, Treasurer/Secretary
Jeremy Blackwell, Executive Committee
Mia Cohen, Executive Committee
Brian Watte, Executive Committee

Steve Burcham California
Anil K. Gupta California
Adam Kusmak New Mexico
Alison Nagatani California
Adam Orandi California
Dominic Pitigliano California
Kristi Robinson California
Richard Sandrini California
George Schweers New Mexico
Stephen Seplak Arizona
Beth Sequeira California
Gary Smith California

Board Emeritus
H.P. Anderson, III, Brian Blackwell, Dr. John Lake and Richard Paslay

APG meetings are open and democratically run. All APG Board members are dedicated volunteers.


Jimi Valov, Chairman*
Sharon Roden, Vice Chair
Rudy Hernandez, Treasurer/Secretary
Jeremy Blackwell
Mia Cohen
Brian Watte
Gary Smith, Chair
Jim Hering, II, Vice Chair
Rudy Hernandez, Liaison
Steve Moore
Alison Nagatani
Dominic Pitigliano
Richard Sandrini
Beth Sequeira
Diane Wood
Scott Woodard

Nutrition (Subcommittee of Marketing)
Sharon Roden, Chair
Mia Cohen, Liaison
Ahmad Foroutan
Jeff Gibbons/ Anna Abbatiello (Alternate)
Jean Heuler
April McDaniel/ Jennifer Dunlap (Alternate)
Beth Sequeira
Government Policies and Partnerships
Jeremy Blackwell, Chair
Brian Watte, Liaison
Thom Dille
Adam Kusmak
Larry Lowder
Alison Nagatani
Tim O’Neill
Larry Wilkinson
Jim Zion

Marketing Communications
Rudy Hernandez, Chair
Brian Watte, Vice Chair
Sharon Roden, Liaison
Mia Cohen/Joseph Setton (Alternate)
Ali Amin
Stephen Fessler
Anil K. Gupta
Steve Moore
Kable Munger/Kamie Munger (Alternate)
Adam Orandi
Dominic Pitigliano
Rudy Placencia/Chuck Nichols (Alternate)
Kristi Robinson
Beth Sequeira
Kirk Squire/Andrew Howe (Alternate)
Membership Services
Adam Orandi, Chair
Marianne Konda, Vice Chair
Brian Watte, Liaison
H.P. Anderson, III
Steve Burcham
Larry Easterling, Jr.
Jeff Gibbons
Zack Raven
Kristi Robinson
Steve Seplak
Mark Sherrell
Gary Smith
Mike Smith
Kirk Squire

Pistachio PAC
Robert Lake, Chair
H.P. Anderson, III
Jim Zion
Kristi Robinson, Chair
Alison Nagatani, Vice Chair
Jeremy Blackwell, Liaison

*Chairman Valov is an ex-officio member of all committees.
All members in good standing are eligible to serve on committees.