American Pistachio Growers

Growing Strong


From its inception in the 1970’s, the American pistachio industry has been rooted in confident optimism and an independent, entrepreneurial spirit. Its visionary founders also recognized the advantages of banding together to form a trade association that would strengthen legislative and regulatory activities, conduct research on pistachio health benefits, and consistently promote pistachios to consumers worldwide.

Pistachio industry leaders came together for this purpose and created the Western Pistachio Association, first for government representation, then later for promotion, research and marketing activities.

Ever evolving, the membership of the Western Pistachio Association approved a name change to American Pistachio Growers (APG) in 2011 to enhance global marketing efforts and clearly communicate the composition of the organization. Developing a strategic, multi-year plan to address the forecasted increase in domestic pistachio production, APG added marketing staff and the members agreed to increase their investment in promotional activities internationally.

A Voluntary Organization

Unlike state or federally-mandated commodity programs, APG is entirely voluntary. Growers and stakeholders in the American pistachio industry opt to contribute to assessments and benefit from the efforts of APG.

A steady increase in membership since 2007 has allowed continual expansion of APG programs worldwide. Today, APG represents its member growers and stakeholders in California, Arizona and New Mexico who recognize the need to increase demand and protect their investment.

International partners appreciate the marketing support, customer service and quality assurances that come from independent APG grower/processors, enabled by the commitment of the entire membership.

A History of Working Together

APG offers many opportunities and invites participation from its members. Whether serving on the Board of Directors, various committees, ad hoc work groups or participating in Leadership Development or Grower Ambassador programs, there’s an opportunity to grow the industry while growing professionally. APG members ensure their future by working cooperatively.