“The American Shell is a complex and refreshing cocktail. The Orgeat is the maximum expression of pistachio in a liquid state which, together with the Johhnie Walker and the pinch of salt, allows us to feel how the whisky peat and the salt unite in a unique taste. Certainly, a great election for anytime of the day and, especially, at Christmas.”

“For the Boat Drink No. 2, using the pistachio orgeat to round out this well-balanced tiki-style cocktail was an easy choice as it gives a deliciously rich and creamy texture to the cocktail along with an elegant nuanced nuttiness.”

“Each ingredient has something that brings out the savory quality of the nut. Dumante is a pistachio liquor and ties the flavors together while adding a dry, nutty finish.”

“For this cocktail, I decided to combine botanical, citrusy gin with floral elderflower liqueur. There is a good amount of orange blossom water to soften the cocktail and give it a pastry quality. An egg white adds texture with a delicate layer of foam on top, where we can grate a little American pistachio to finish.”

“The Everdeen is a light cocktail that’s perfect with a few handfuls of pistachios before dinner. This one turns to more yellow fruit with apricot liqueur and Rinquinquin, which is a French aperitif made from white wine and peaches. We add some Suze for its herbaceousness and a touch of bitterness. Then top it off with tonic to bring it all together and make a very refreshing drink.”

“The Far East of Jalisco is a variation of a mojito that combines cardamom and basil
which both pair well with pistachios. This cocktail is simple, light and refreshing.”

“Ginger, lime, and bitter orange are the driving flavors in this drink. All have a hint of sweetness but are balanced by spice or acid. The other great benefit of a drink finishing with acid is that, like wine, it causes your mouth to water which makes us (humans) want to eat. And that's when the pistachio becomes the star!”

"Pistachios give the drink a very special nutty note and expand the drink with a crisp component, since I have grated them on top."

"The combination of the salty pistachio, the aromatic thyme and the sweetness gives this drink something quite special. This drink should be enjoyed slowly, so you can feel the nutty-roasted aroma and on the other side, the acid-sweet basic character. "

“The Lanark Lemonade creates a nice interplay between four complementary ingredients of pistachios, honey, ginger, lemon, and rosemary. The sweetness of the honey flavor from the Drambuie and the rosemary simple syrup are balanced with the acidity of both the lemon juice and the ginger vinegar to create a simple drink with subtle complexities.”

“Healthy Mornings is a morning detox cocktail that is perfect to start the day thanks to its low alcoholic graduation. It fits with a current trend in cocktails which fits together with the healthy line of pistachios.”

“The pistachios used for the Christmas Mule are perfect to make a good syrup. Additionally, from the point of view of flavor, they combine perfectly with panettone, giving creaminess and the right consistency to the cocktail.”

“For the Fizz, I drew on my New Orleans connection and affinity for my second home. I nut-washed the gin to enhance the flavor and extract the oils that come off of the nut. Then I used the pistachio orgeat in place of traditional simple syrup. Complimenting the profile further with cherry-vanilla bitters and then using the leftover pistachios to dry and salt for the garnish over the top.”

“The Pistachio Grasshopper is a play on the classic grasshopper, a proven trifecta of crème de menthe, crème de cacao, and heavy cream. Our blended variation incorporates pistachio ice cream and a pinch of sea salt to offset any sweetness and bring out the delicious savory qualities innate to pistachios.”

"The key to any great Mai-Tai is great orgeat. Made well it's a cocktail with wonderful balance and complexity. It should be first, rum forward, with a wonderful tart note from the fresh lime juice and orange liquor. From there it starts a transition to a rich nutty finish that wakes up the palate and that's what makes the Pistachio Mai-Tai so special. The sweet/savory balance of pistachios makes the prefect orgeat. A wonderful pistachio green color and long balanced finish on the palate."

“The Raisin Cane cocktail pairs four ingredients that share a natural affinity for pistachios: raisins, lemons, honey, and ginger. The finished cocktail results in a perfect match for the ultimate bar snack: salted pistachios. Lemon juice provides tart acidity, while honey provides richness and balance; house made ginger syrup brings a spicy quality, while the raisin-infused rum brings subtle notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and dried fruit.”

“Shanghai Night is blended with pistachios so it offers a rich and layered taste. When I think of Shanghai, I always imagine someone enjoying the beautiful night view with a cocktail glass in hand. This drink is sweet, which adds more colors to the view and the mood.”