Not all nuts are created equal. Whether you’re craving the perfect snack, trying to eat more sensibly, or even a world-class athlete training for the Olympics, pistachios are fuel for life. Not only delicious and filling, these little green treats are enriched with antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats that boost energy and promote muscle recovery. It’s no wonder the men’s and women’s USA Water Polo teams and Miss California love the power of pistachios!

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The Truth About Pistachios - Candid Street Interviews

“I never met anyone who didn’t like pistachios.”

American Pistachio Growers (APG) took to the streets for candid interviews to find out what people think of the little green nut. Some said sweet and crunchy. Others described them as savory and creamy. But in the end, it was unanimous. Pistachios are downright delicious. Not to mention nutritious! In a 2oz serving, they boast:

- 12g of protein (more than the same size serving of cooked halibut)
- 6g of fiber (three times more than the same size serving of broccoli)
- 570mg of potassium (more than one large banana)

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